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StarCompliance Launches Crypto Asset Pre-Clearance Solution to Address Digital Asset Trading Challenges

Highly Flexible and Adaptable Platform Ensures Alignment with Rapidly Changing Regulatory Environment  

ROCKVILLE, MD – April 19, 2023 – StarCompliance (“Star”), a leading provider of employee compliance technology solutions, has launched its new Crypto Asset Pre-Clearance software solution, which enables greater transparency and visibility into employee crypto-trading activities as a first step in mitigating regulatory compliance conflicts. Star’s Crypto Asset Pre-Clearance solution fully integrates with Star’s Personal Account Dealing product providing their existing client base with the consistent user experience they’re familiar with across multiple asset classes.

According to Star’s recent Crypto & Compliance Market Survey, which examined how firms in the financial marketplace are approaching employee crypto-trading compliance, 37% of respondents said they already have an employee crypto-trading policy in place.

“As global regulators and authorities continue to crackdown on the crypto landscape, we wanted to prepare our clients with a solution that would enable them to set up guardrails to protect their business while providing an easy, frictionless experience for their crypto-trading employees,” said Jennifer Sun, CEO at Star. “Through years of innovating compliance solutions across industries, Star’s product not only simplifies the process improving visibility into employee cyber trading activities but has the technical agility to adapt with the changing regulatory landscape.”

Key benefits of Star’s Crypto Asset Pre-Clearance software solution include:

  • Helping firms prevent conflicts associated with crypto-trading activities
  • Enabling firms to set up rules and restrictions as easily as they do with equities
  • Focus on pre-clearance, transaction reporting and the ability to view employee holdings
  • Future-ready to quickly adapt to new regulations in the crypto trading arena

This new, highly adaptable software solution will enable compliance professionals to effortlessly monitor requests and approvals for employee crypto asset trading activities, as well as automate any additional crypto-monitoring policies set by the company and regulatory bodies. To learn more, register for Star’s webinar Crypto Regulations: Getting Ahead of the Crypto Curve for Employee Compliance on Thursday, June 15, 2023, at 11 AM ET.

About StarCompliance

StarCompliance is a leading provider of employee compliance technology solutions. Trusted globally by forward-thinking companies in 114 countries, Star’s future-ready compliance platform delivers on-demand configurability, multi-jurisdictional integrity, and the actionable intelligence you need to monitor for conflicts, meet regulatory obligations and reduce risk. Compliance no longer needs to be complex. Check out Star’s intuitive, straightforward UX and give your employees the multi-layered protection they need to comply with confidence.

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