Defense & Aerospace Compliance Solutions

Powerful Compliance Software at Your Service

For defense and aerospace companies, a strong employee compliance program is essential for conducting global business and maintaining compliance with domestic and international corruption regulations. With the STAR Platform, you can ensure compliance across your defense or aerospace organization with intuitive software that supports widespread adoption.

What We Solve For

Failure to comply with industry regulations can have serious consequences, both for individuals, aerospace and defense companies, and for the broader national and international interests they serve. The STAR Platform helps you avoid a range of associated risks.

Legal Impact

Avoid lawsuits from government agencies, competitors, or other affected parties as a result of regulatory noncompliance. 

Financial Impact

Prevent the staggering loss of lucrative government contracts and protect your future profitability.

Business Impact

Protect your organization from adverse events that could cause critical disruptions across all departments of your organization.

Reputational Impact

Maintain credibility in the eyes of government entities, both at home and overseas, as well as public trust in your organization and industry at large.

Defense & Aerospace Compliance Solutions

Provide employees with multiple methods for reporting concerns while streamlining incident collection, management, and resolution.

Create, maintain, and manage your policies in one central, easily accessible place.

Support 65+ languages for ease of reporting, no matter where employees reside.

Safeguard your business from conflicts of interest arising from political alignments or associations among employees worldwide.

Automatically pre-clear client gifts or entertainment to prevent breaches of anti-bribery and corruption regulations.

Avoid regulatory compliance breaches arising from employee external business activities.

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