Tool Tips & Walkthroughs

It’s time to rethink compliance platform training and rollout. With Tool Tips & Walkthroughs, the STAR Platform is your compliance software training partner. Compliance teams and end users get instant support right inside the STAR Platform.

The STAR Platform Difference

Think of these in-app tips as an addition to the support options Star already offers.

Includes exhaustive initial software training to get you up and running quickly.

Easily accessible software guides and how-to resources available in our client portal. Follow-up training available upon request.

Addresses best practices and ways to optimize your use of STAR.

Simply makes STAR users even more self-sufficient than they already are.

Star Technology

Star’s advanced implementation and security options ensure your compliance operations are safer and more efficient than ever before.

Star Security

Comprehensive governance, risk, and compliance security provide the ultimate protection for your data.

Star Mobile

With STAR Mobile, employees pre-clear activity and report transactions on-the-go and Supervisors can review escalated requests from anywhere.

Data Management

Star offers a range of products, services and vendor solutions that let you monitor and manage an ever-increasing amount of data, enhance and optimize existing data sets, and maintain data integrity.

Reporting & Analytics

Be proactive, not reactive. Insight Driven Dashboards put actionable intel in front of compliance officers and frontline managers in an interactive format in near-real time.

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