Incident & Policy Management

Incident Management & Whistleblowing Solutions


Exceed Compliance Standards

Encourage a strong ethical culture by implementing a solution that enables swift resolution before situations can escalate beyond company walls.

  • Establish a consistent process for creating, tracking, and evidencing cases
  • Categorize allegations and route them to the appropriate stakeholders for further review
  • Provide employees multiple ways to report concerns, including in-app form submissions, email, and the phone hotline—which offers both live agent assistance or automated intake via IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
  • Ensure employees feel heard and valued by providing timely updates with automated employee communications
  • Benchmark your business against industry peers and establish KPIs your organization can work towards

Incident & Policy Management Solutions

Provide employees with multiple methods for reporting concerns while streamlining incident collection, management, and resolution.

Create, maintain, and manage your policies in one central, easily accessible place.

Support widespread policy adoption and adherence with a robust portfolio of ethics and compliance learning content.

Encourage and collect candid feedback from departing employees to drive continuous improvement.

Support 65+ languages for ease of reporting, no matter where employees reside.


User-Friendly Compliance Software

A comprehensive, easy-to-use platform enables your company to resolve incidents quickly and identify areas of opportunity for improvement within your organization.

  • Configure your incident form to capture the information most important to your organization using our questionnaire library
  • User friendly, anonymous communication channels, including a digital call center for further anonymity
  • Flexible design allows employees to report concerns from a desktop or mobile device
  • Robust translation capabilities in over 65 languages ensures incident details are relayed accurately, and without delay
  • Access current policies and documented employee attestations from Star’s Policy Management solution to inform and support investigations

Streamline & Simplify

Reporting & Analysis

Our case management software can generate a wide range of standard and ad hoc reports by allegation type, location, case status, and more—including custom fields. Format data into lists, trend analyses, or benchmark reports and export for further analysis.

To ensure your employees feel comfortable and valued when reporting a concern, Star provides translation capabilities in 65+ languages, supporting in-app form submissions, email, and the phone hotline.

With clients in six continents and 80+ countries, we know a thing or two about ensuring your company stays in compliance with local laws and regulations.

Our support staff is here to serve you 24/5, answering questions and troubleshooting issues when they arise.

The Star Difference

Our Incident Management tool is designed to exceed NIST standards, leveraging the most advanced concepts in monitoring, intrusion detection, and data privacy, including FERPA.

Our case management software uses AI to provide seamless, in-app translation to 65+ languages, ensuring precise communication and thorough understanding of every concern.

Deployed in 80+ countries across six continents, Incident Management provides a fast and reliable solution for multinational organizations.

A clean, intuitive design lets even a novice user master the Incident Management tool in a short amount of time, guided by client-specific help text and a natural workflow.

Embedded in Microsoft Azure Data Centers, the STAR Platform provides unmatched reliability and global deployment supports in-country data storage requirements.

Gain perspective through industry-specific benchmarking and data filter options, while focusing on hot spots and measuring the result of remediations to negative trends.

“We deployed Star’s Incident Management solution globally to over 60,000 employees in nearly 40 countries. The implementation was efficient, even porting multiple international toll-free numbers without missing a minute of service to our employees. We find the in-app translation services to be amazingly accurate and invaluable!”
Haruki T. Chief Compliance Officer
“Being a company in the EU with locations around the world, we were pleased at how Star’s Incident Management solution complied with the emerging global security standards including GDPR. The system was implemented with minimal distraction to our very busy global compliance team.”
Gabriel B. Global Chief Risk Officer
“Star’s Incident Management solution was our first case management system. The Star team went out of their way to help us build an effective program while implementing the system. Their support has been critical to our program’s success and we highly recommend them.”
Hannah B. Director of Human Resources

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