Compliance Technology

The STAR compliance application is supported by unrivalled technology in our hosting facilities, servers and in the software itself. We develop our application entirely in-house, with no third-party components or features, ensuring the highest standards of data privacy and safety.

Compliance software and technology to enhance your compliance operations

With our extensive automation and configuration facilities, as well as our advanced implementation and security options, your compliance processes will be safer, more rigorous and more efficient than ever before. Our team of expert developers, analysts and specialists work tirelessly to constantly evolve our product to meet the diverse needs of clients and the ever-changing regulatory environment.

The STAR Platform Difference

Users sign in to the platform using existing credentials and a single ID and password, providing fast, easy access to all products within your STAR application.

Enterprise User Management

Your STAR platform can manage the varying requirements of multiple business divisions, each with differing workflows, processes and certification requirements – simplifying complex compliance requirements through a single, user-friendly system.

Human Resource System Integration

Seamless integration with your HR systems saves time populating and updating the STAR platform. Using data from your master HR records allows employee details to be easily added and removed while pushing data from your master records enables individual account information to be completed automatically.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Implement an additional level of security across your STAR user base with multi-factor authentication. This security measure offers numerous configuration options and works alongside SSO & the STAR Mobile app.

Internationalization and Localization

The versatile STAR platform has been designed to operate in different countries, with no need for redevelopment every time you add a new territory or language. The system can easily be tailored for each country, with date, time zone and local currency adaptations, alongside language translation capabilities.

Rules Engine

A configurable rules engine enables automated approvals, denials and case creation based on your organization’s unique code of ethics.

Techstack Integration

A configurable rules engine enables automated approvals, denials and case creation based on your organization’s unique code of ethics.


Respond quickly to new regulations

Support your global employee base

Drive employee adoption with ease

Cloud-ready & scalable

Star Security

Comprehensive governance, risk, and compliance security provide the ultimate protection for your data.

Star Mobile

With STAR Mobile, employees pre-clear activity and report transactions on-the-go and Supervisors can review escalated requests from anywhere.

Data Management

Star offers a range of products, services and vendor solutions that let you monitor and manage an ever-increasing amount of data, enhance and optimize existing data sets, and maintain data integrity.

Reporting & Analytics

Be proactive, not reactive. Insight Driven Dashboards put actionable intel in front of compliance officers and frontline managers in an interactive format in near-real time.

Tools & Tips

With Tool Tips & Walkthroughs, the STAR Platform is your compliance software training partner. Get instant support right inside the STAR Platform.

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