Celebrating 25 Years of StarCompliance

Company Innovation and Growth Aligns with Regulatory Industry Expansion

The Birth of Employee Regulatory Compliance 

Reflecting on the Crucial Years of 1999-2008 

Remembering Ivan Boesky

Why is it important to remember a person who was convicted of insider trading? So, we can learn from his mistakes. That while some may think “greed is good” it doesn’t mean that insider trading is right.

Renewed Protections for Whistleblowers Change the Game

Does your company reward whistleblowers? Changing legislation reinforces the importance of whistleblower protections.

Voting Leave Notices Are Essential For Upholding Employee Rights

U.S. employers are required to post voting leave notices in their workplace or make them available to remote employees. Find notices for CA, NY, and DC.

 Managing The Rollout of Whistleblower Protection in the European Union

NOT ALL ROADS LEAD TO ROME…  The EU Whistleblower Directive, introduced in 2019, provides a critical framework for protecting individuals who expose illegal activities…

How to Save Time Updating Corporate Policies

Smaller HR teams are swamped. Here’s how to save time when updating corporate policies to reflect changing legislation and cultural expectations.

Effective Policy Communication: How to Inform and Educate Employees on Policy Changes

Communicating policy updates is just as important as writing them. Here’s how to ensure everyone is on the same page when updating policies.

3 Takeaways from Star’s “FAR Decoded: Key Insights & Strategies for Success” Webinar

A deep dive into how firms in Australia are transitioning to the Financial Accountability Regime.