STAR Mobile

STAR Mobile is the native app that gives compliance end users an optimized, on-the-go STAR Platform experience—wherever they are, wherever there’s a cell connection.


In 2019, nearly 52% of all online traffic worldwide was conducted on mobile devices.

A mobile workforce calls for mobile solutions. With STAR Mobile, employees pre-clear activity and report transactions on-the-go. Supervisors review escalated requests anywhere there’s a cell connection. All at the same level of data granularity and data security available through the STAR desktop app.

“Mobile applications are really important. My employees travel alot, they’re on the road, they’re visiting sites/buildings. And for them to be able to preclear on the road means they are more likely to do it.”
F. Hipkiss Hines

Why Choose StarCompliance?

Our future-ready compliance solutions deliver powerful results.

Extensive workflows are highly configurable, powered by conditional logic.

Tailor time zone, currency, language, and more for global employees.

Drive employee adoption with ease and simplify employee access via standard authentication and/or single sign-on.

Quickly and easily get real-time analytics through customizable dashboards and reports.

Safeguard sensitive data with multi-layered access rights based on division, department, role, location, and more.

Gain a 360-degree view of your employee compliance anywhere with scalable, cloud-ready software and integrations with Snowflake, Thoughtspot, and PowerBI.

Ease-of-use means increased employee participation, data accuracy, and manager responsiveness.

Employees pre-clear trades and report gifts and entertainment. Supervisors review escalated requests.

Device-level notification management means staying on top of high priority tasks is easy.

Best practice network and device protocols mean secure data transport and secure local-device storage.

Star Technology

Star’s advanced implementation and security options ensure your compliance operations are safer and more efficient than ever before.

Star Security

Comprehensive governance, risk, and compliance security provide the ultimate protection for your data.

Data Management

Star offers a range of products, services and vendor solutions that let you monitor and manage an ever-increasing amount of data, enhance and optimize existing data sets, and maintain data integrity.

Reporting & Analytics

Be proactive, not reactive. Insight Driven Dashboards put actionable intel in front of compliance officers and frontline managers in an interactive format in near-real time.

Tools & Tips

With Tool Tips & Walkthroughs, the STAR Platform is your compliance software training partner. Get instant support right inside the STAR Platform.

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