Pharmaceutical Employee Compliance Software

Compliance Software That Shows Up

In pharmaceuticals and related fields, ethics and compliance are not just checkboxes — they’re fundamental principles that should guide every aspect of your operations. With the STAR Platform, you’ll have the tools and support you need to make the right decisions, mitigate risks, and uphold the highest standards of accountability.

What We Solve For

Our suite of employee compliance solutions helps you: eliminate the silos between compliance and HR departments, simplify everyday compliance processes for administrators and employees, and encourages a culture of compliance and ethical conduct across your organization.

Legal Impact

Safeguard your company from regulatory or legal ramifications that could result in fines, penalties, imprisonment, or organizational shutdowns.

Financial Impact

Ensure the financial health and sustainability of your organization while maintaining investor confidence and protecting potential future earnings.

Business Impact

Maintain operations by reducing the risk of adverse events that could cause critical disruptions to your work.

Reputational Impact

Protect your company’s reputation and brand integrity by avoiding negative publicity, loss of customer trust, or damage to employee morale.

Pharmaceutical Compliance Solutions

Provide employees with multiple methods for reporting concerns while streamlining incident collection, management, and resolution.

Create, maintain, and manage your policies in one central, easily accessible place.

Support 65+ languages for ease of reporting, no matter where employees reside.

Safeguard your business from conflicts of interest arising from political alignments or associations among employees worldwide.

Automatically pre-clear client gifts or entertainment to prevent breaches of anti-bribery and corruption regulations.

Avoid regulatory compliance breaches arising from employee external business activities.

“We deployed Star’s Incident Management solution globally to over 60,000 employees in nearly 40 countries. The implementation was efficient, even porting multiple international toll-free numbers without missing a minute of service to our employees. We find the in-app translation services to be amazingly accurate and invaluable!”
Haruki T. Chief Compliance Officer
“Being a company in the EU with locations around the world, we were pleased at how Star’s Incident Management solution complied with the emerging global security standards including GDPR. The system was implemented with minimal distraction to our very busy global compliance team.”
Gabriel B. Global Chief Risk Officer
“We never had a firm grip on why our turnover was so high, and then we started [using Star’s Exit and Stay Interview solution to] conduct third-party exit interviews. We were able to take action based on those results and have reduced our turnover by 50%”
Will T. VP of Human Resources

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