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StarCompliance is a leading provider of regulatory compliance software for the financial services industry

With StarCompliance
  • Detect and prevent violations through a single, web-based browser application
  • Achieve a paperless compliance process
  • Evaluate employee and firm investments in the context of financial markets
  • Track and log employee data regarding investments, gifts and entertainment, attestations, political contributions and more
  • Streamline the compliance process
  • Subject specific groups or processes to pre-approval and automatic review
  • Our application is organized into modules, accommodating efficient workflows across a wide range of compliance processes
  • Create dynamic forms that alter their content, paths and visibility based on the employee
Modular format
We organize our application in modules, accommodating efficient workflows and facilitating various processes

White papers

Our white papers demonstrate how our technology solutions can best address your needs and solve your most pressing compliance problems.

We provide...
  • Seamless integration with existing policies and documents
  • Local customer support services
  • Individual account management
  • Industry-leading data and resource partners
  • Optional managed hosting at our Tier-3 Data Center
  • Broker reconciliation facilities and data feeds
  • Powerful risk-surveillance and blackout capabilities
  • Reporting facilities, including graphics and charts
4 Key Qualities
Customer Focused
We provide an exceptional service to our customers, reducing compliance risk in the simplest possible way.
Continuous Improvement
We are committed to continuously investing in and developing our software, providing a 360-degree view of your compliance risks.
We have the experience and controls of a larger corporation, while retaining the entrepreneurial spirit, agility, and flexibility of a smaller enterprise.
Our experience, knowledge and development expertise allow us to be trusted advisors in regulatory compliance to our market space.