Data Management & Enhancements

StarCompliance offers a range of products, services and vendor solutions that let you monitor and manage an ever-increasing amount of data, enhance and optimize existing data sets, and maintain data integrity.

Star Secure Data Access

Expand the use of employee compliance data outside the borders of your department. Secure Data Access (SDA) creates a secure connection path between your data warehouse and ours so all data created and maintained in the STAR Platform can be easily shared and utilized to achieve the following:  

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of employee activity and potential risks across your organization. 
  • Enable your three lines of defense with the data they need to make data-driven decisions. 
  • Eliminate the risk of human error that comes with manual data collation and merging. 
  • Combine compliance data with other departmental data (training, HR, finance, legal) for a holistic view of firm risk. 
  • Answer regulatory requests with speed and confidence knowing the data you’re providing is inclusive, accurate, and timely.

Our Data Management & Enhancements


Gain access to pricing and reference data on more than 35 million global securities—including cryptocurrencies, ETFs, equities, UITs, mutual funds, close-end funds, leveraged loans, debt instruments, and hard-to-value instruments.

  • Minimize human error—make it simple and easy for employees to identify and select the correct securities.
  • Sharpen the STAR Platform’s ability to accurately match transaction data from broker feeds with your securities records.
  • Search and match on the FIGI and Bloomberg tickers—as well as the Exchange Symbol, CUSIP, ISIN, and Sedol—right on the STAR Platform.
Political Contribution Dataset


Employee political contributions that exceed legal limits put firms at risk. Star’s Political Contribution Data, paired with the STAR Political Donations product, means contributions are more easily and accurately monitored.

  • Remove the burden and monotony of searching for employee contributions across multiple public sources.
  • Identify and reconcile employee contributions more quickly, with data refreshed on a monthly rather than quarterly basis.
  • Identify and reconcile contributions more comprehensively, with access to standardized, collated data of 20M+ federal records and 4M+ state records.
  • Get automatic notifications from the STAR Platform when employees make contributions at the state or federal level.
  • Get access to more monitoring data points, including contributor full name, home address, and date: contribution amount; and recipient name.
Global News Impact Data Service


Maximize your ability to detect insider trading with this Star-partner global newsfeed—culled from a wide range of respected media outlets.

  • Gain access to over 400,000 stories from 8,500 different sources every day—each assigned with a daily impact score to identify significance.
  • Powerful filtering and indexing systems mean only those news items of most relevance to your business are highlighted.
  • Pinpoint trades made prior to significant market events, with a system that cross-references news events against employee trading data.
Global Industry Classification Standard
  • Gain access to GICS, one of the most popular coding schemes used by businesses today to set comprehensive restrictions and reviews by industry.
    Configure restrictions and trade reviews down to the group or individual level using GICS data, so those who have access to particular industry data can be restricted or monitored based on sector and industry.
  • Ensure employee trades fall within acceptable industries using the rules engine to trigger a denial or review if the security submitted for pre-clearance matches specified sector codes.
  • Easily set trade restrictions or conduct trade reviews using 2, 4, 6, or all 8 digits of the GICS code for a broad or narrow view by Sector, Industry Group, Industry or Sub-Industry.

Remove the manual burden and capture all your employee trade data with confidence and ease, whether you’re dealing with paper statements, electronic PDFs, or broker feeds.

  • Maintain data integrity through automatic reconciliation of employee trades via Star’s growing list of supported global electronic broker feeds.
  • Star has captured over 15 million electronic transactions for its client base, and that number continues to grow.
  • Star’s Secure Data Entry Team extracts key data from paper or PDF statements and enters it directly into the STAR Platform.
  • Improve the accuracy and the speed in which data is made available while saving your team hundreds of hours in data entry.
  • Establish one centralized location for the storage of all statements.
Star Technology

Star’s advanced implementation and security options ensure your compliance operations are safer and more efficient than ever before.

Star Security

Comprehensive governance, risk, and compliance security provide the ultimate protection for your data.

Star Mobile

With STAR Mobile, employees pre-clear activity and report transactions on-the-go and Supervisors can review escalated requests from anywhere.

Reporting & Analytics

Be proactive, not reactive. Insight Driven Dashboards put actionable intel in front of compliance officers and frontline managers in an interactive format in near-real time.

Tools & Tips

With Tool Tips & Walkthroughs, the STAR Platform is your compliance software training partner. Get instant support right inside the STAR Platform.

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