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StarCompliance partners with compliance teams around the world to provide customizable, user-friendly software solutions designed to simplify every-day compliance processes, while ensuring you meet the strictest regulatory standards. Our expertise and technology help to optimize your compliance program, offering you the highest standards of vigilance and security.

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Why choose StarCompliance?

Using the STAR platform saves considerable time and resources for any compliance team, by automating the vast majority of compliance decisions. As well as improving efficiency, the system provides a host of valuable services and reports to make your regulatory compliance regime as airtight as possible. It gives your leadership the peace of mind that every possible measure is being taken to identify and mitigate conflicts of interest and ensure complete regulatory compliance.

Save time and resources monitoring conflicts of interest and market abuse.

Improve the speed and accuracy of conflict of interest detection.

Gather and store data for a 360-degree view of employee activity and behavior.

Quickly and easily collate management information and reports.

Reduce risk of regulatory breaches and financial penalties.

Reduce risk of reputational damage.

Discover the STAR difference

At StarCompliance, we understand what it takes to implement compliance software that combines the latest technology with top-tier security precautions, all supported by best-in-class client service to ensure your experience exceeds expectations.

Client Focused

We provide an exceptional service to clients, improving efficiency and reducing compliance risk. We offer expert support throughout the implementation process and continue to work as an extension of your team.
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Security Focused

Our commitment to data and systems security is second to none. Our client solutions feature multiple levels of advanced security and our systems, products and processes are certified to ISO 27001 and comply with GDPR, SEC, FINRA and more. Learn more.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

We combine the experience and systems of a larger corporation, with the entrepreneurial spirit, agility and flexibility of a smaller enterprise – continuously investing in and developing our software. Learn more.

Expert Insights

Our experience, knowledge and development expertise mean we are trusted advisors on regulatory compliance to our clients. Visit our blog.

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If you’re looking for software with robust compliance solutions that will improve business efficiency while safeguarding the integrity and reputation of your organization, look no further. Schedule a personalized demo with a Star professional to see what the STAR platform can do for you.