Enterprise Conflicts Management

MNPI Compliance No Longer Needs To Be Complex

Our solution was designed to create transparency and to simplify critical workflows between employees, the business, and compliance. ​

Below are the key workflows we offer to create efficiency for enterprise firms.

MNPI & Enterprise Conflicts Solutions

Star provides a one-stop shop for managing MNPI, wall crossings, insider lists, restricted lists, and more. Interested in automation and time savings?

Around the globe, investment banks are using the STAR Platform to spot enterprise conflicts, manage wall crossings, monitor deal teams, and more. Interested in streamlining workflows and improving transparency?

How It Works

Enterprise conflict checking

  • Surface potential conflicts quickly across all deals, employees, and related parties ​​
  • Integrate with key systems and data to extend your view & conflict checks ​
  • View key information throughout the deal life-cycle​​
  • Track, record and monitor wall crossing and market sounding requests and approvals​​
  • Make it easy for employees to report MNPI from the employee portal​

Centralized list management

  • Maintain and update your global watch and/or restricted lists from one system​
  • Restrict companies and securities supported by a robust security master and legal entity database learn more
  • Insider List Management​​
  • Maintain lists of individuals who are aware of MNPI ​​

Detailed audit tracking

  • View creations, changes, and deletions across the lifecycle of a deal​
  • Track the lifecycle of MNPI events, including creations, changes, and deletions

Integration capabilities

Call upon critical data from existing firm systems by integrating your deal management, order management, human resources, and research tools to gain an even wider view of firm activity.

The enterprise software shown in this graphic are not an exhaustive list of Star’s integration capabilities.

Why Choose StarCompliance?

Our future-ready compliance solutions deliver powerful results.

Extensive workflows are highly configurable, powered by conditional logic.

Tailor time zone, currency, language, and more for global employees.

Drive employee adoption with ease and simplify employee access via standard authentication and/or single sign-on.

Quickly and easily get real-time analytics through customizable dashboards and reports.

Safeguard sensitive data with multi-layered access rights based on division, department, role, location, and more.

Gain a 360-degree view of your employee compliance anywhere with scalable, cloud-ready software and integrations with Snowflake, Thoughtspot, and PowerBI.

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