Employee Conflicts of Interest

Crypto Pre-Clearance Solutions

Protect your crypto-trading employees with confidence

Are you staying ahead of the Crypto Compliance Curve? 43% of firms that responded to Star’s Crypto & Compliance Market Study in 2023 said they’ve already developed an employee monitoring policy. Find out how Star’s Crypto Pre-Clearance solution will keep you ahead of coming digital asset regulations.

Employee Conflicts of Interest Solutions

Ensure employee personal trading and investments comply with all regulatory requirements and company policies.

Keep compliance teams in-the-know without compromising employees’ trading experience.

Simplify the declaration of employee private investments with outside organizations.

Automatically pre-clear client gifts or entertainment to prevent breaches of anti-bribery and corruption regulations.

Avoid regulatory compliance breaches arising from employee external business activities.

Safeguard your business from conflicts of interest arising from political alignments or associations among employees worldwide.

Actively manage employee trading in the context of current market activity and news events to protect your company’s reputation.

Get Future-Ready … Now

Create a frictionless experience

A configurable rules engine takes your firm’s trading rules and automates them. Employees enter the cryptoassets they want to trade and receive a response within seconds. Compliance gets visibility into employee activity and employees get frictionless trading.

Operate with complete confidence

Crypto-trading regulation is sparse at the moment but more is coming. Crypto Pre-Clearance lets you easily evidence your crypto compliance efforts—offering a single, centralized location that automatically records activity for audit and reporting purposes.

Automatically adapt to change

Years of compliance experience mean Star can adapt quickly to changing regulation and has the tech know-how to ensure your firm operates safely and efficiently. Crypto Pre-Clearance is the most capable solution to guide you through this rapidly evolving space.

Need Full Crypto Coverage?

Star’s partnership with Aer Compliance provides the most comprehensive and forward-thinking compliance solution in the market. Manage employee trading, monitor MNPI, and supervision regarding securities and crypto currency in one, end-to-end digital assets solution.

Why Choose StarCompliance?

Our future-ready compliance solutions deliver powerful results.

Extensive workflows are highly configurable, powered by conditional logic.

Tailor time zone, currency, language, and more for global employees.

Drive employee adoption with ease and simplify employee access via standard authentication and/or single sign-on.

Quickly and easily get real-time analytics through customizable dashboards and reports.

Safeguard sensitive data with multi-layered access rights based on division, department, role, location, and more.

Gain a 360-degree view of your employee compliance anywhere with scalable, cloud-ready software and integrations with Snowflake, Thoughtspot, and PowerBI.

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