Safeguard your business and track political donations

The StarCompliance Political Donations product enables you to monitor contributions to politicians and political entities, safeguarding your business against conflicts of interest. The STAR application allows you to automatically monitor employee political activities to ensure they do not exceed donation limits. This automation reduces the time and effort required to monitor political contributions across employees in different countries, lines of business, offices and user groups.

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Your STAR Political Donations product offers:


automate decisions about political donations

The STAR platform enables you to automate all of your political activity pre-clearance requests. Employees can quickly prepare and submit pre-clearance requests for any planned political contributions or activities. Employees simply log in to the web-based application, fill out a pre-clearance request form and await an automated approval or denial decision.

The system can be configured to follow precise rules to automatically check political contributions, as well as produce customized reports of current and historical trends. You can create custom profiles for each employee, apply donation limits to specific user groups, and set review thresholds that apply to users within those groups. This is useful for monitoring high-risk employees or groups, creating a truly robust conflict-of-interest detection system.


monitor high-risk individuals and groups

The STAR platform collects and integrates data from systems across your business, which are cross-referenced when any employee seeks permission for political activities or donations. Your compliance team can set the rules for automatically surveying this data, whenever an employee makes a pre-clearance request.

The STAR platform can pinpoint high-risk employees, external contacts and groups by monitoring employee records to identify suspicious activities. It can automatically raise cases that may violate company principles or client interests.

In addition to monitoring political contributions, you can create periodic political activity reports. The STAR application enables you to set workflow and rule configurations to determine the requirements for these reports and attestations.

Additional features to make tracking political donations easy:

Beneficiary management
This feature enables you to manage lists of individuals or political entities benefiting from any donations made by employees or your organization, helping compliance teams to more effectively monitor political activity.

Contribution data service
With access to a third-party data feed of all political donations made in the US, the STAR system can automatically notify you of any contributions made by your employees. This can help you determine donation limits and further ensure employees do not breach corporate rules on political contributions.

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