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Compliance – Designed Around You

Partnering with Clients to Inform Our Compliance Solutions 

In a highly competitive, fast-paced industry, where staying ahead isn’t about meeting standards, but exceeding user expectations, regulatory technology companies are at the forefront of providing tools to help protect clients from the pitfalls of fines, employee dismissals and brand trust erosion. That’s precisely why StarCompliance (“Star”), a global leader in compliance technology solutions, has raised the bar yet again. 

With the launch of our newly designed user interface (UI), Star is ushering in an era of enhanced user experience across its suite of proprietary employee compliance products and services. The UI overhaul, unveiled recently, marks a significant milestone for the company. It’s not just a superficial makeover; it’s a comprehensive reimagination aimed at blending design with functionality. Over 100 variations underwent meticulous redesigning, ensuring consistency and balance throughout the interface. 


  1. Aesthetic Meets Functionality: The revamped UI isn’t just about looks; it’s about making tasks easier and workflows smoother. Every tweak was meticulously crafted to enhance efficiency without sacrificing style. This user-centric platform places the needs of the user at the forefront of the design process. 
  2. Contemporary Look and Feel: Star’s new UI brings a fresh, icon-driven vibe to the table, ensuring that users feel right at home while navigating through the platform. When choosing which features should be highlighted, we prioritized the elements of the STAR platform to align with client goals.  
  3. Accessibility at its Core: Adhering to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)  requirements 2.1AA, Star has reimagined its colors and contrasts to further support user experience, regardless of their abilities. 

By prioritizing clarity, simplicity and adaptability, Star has been able to create its new UI to be intuitive and user-friendly, providing our customers with a better experience and in turn, better compliance outcomes. 


This UI transformation wasn’t carried out in isolation. It is crucial to design a user interface with the end user’s goals in mind.  It starts with understanding what users need by gathering research through interviews, surveys, and beta testing.  Star actively sought input from its clients, drawing upon decades of real-world usage insights. Every tweak, every enhancement, is a direct response to the invaluable feedback received from the very users who rely on Star’s suite of products daily. By incorporating client feedback at every stage of development, our designers were able to ensure that the new UI aligns with their goals. This collaborative approach empowered the UI team to not only refine the design but also develop an intuitive icon library that seamlessly integrates with the new look and feel.  


To unveil the new user interface, Star is inviting clients to join them for a webinar on April 10th. Attendees will get an exclusive look at the functionality improvements designed to boost workflow efficiency and a sneak peek into Star’s Enhanced Outside Activities Solution.

At Star, innovation isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a commitment to innovation and partnership. With our latest UI updates – we aren’t just raising the bar – we are setting a new standard for excellence in compliance solutions