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Two Departments, One Incident & Policy Management Solution

Human Resources and Compliance departments often struggle to communicate with other departments that are failing to coordinate their data intake and policy management. This results in a disconnect that makes it difficult to resolve issues within the company. Since both departments have a vested interest in cultivating a healthy corporate culture of compliance, they need to work together on creating a Code of Conduct, policies, training, managing a hotline, and investigations.

An ineffective strategy, more common than not, is that Compliance and HR departments in the same organization have multiple Incident & Policy Management Solutions. The Compliance department will have an incident & policy management solution typically connected to the hotline phone number and web portal, and the HR department will have a different solution to track employee relations issues. Aside from being a waste of resources, this keeps both departments siloed, creating further disjointment among both departments, who might not even have a strong relationship in the first place. Whether an employee reports a concern through the hotline, directly to Compliance, or directly to HR, those reports should go into the same system. This is where technology can be a valuable asset, and in this case, bring HR and Compliance closer together.


Having reported data in a centralized repository gives both Compliance and HR the ability to see the risks they have across their organization and work together to confront them. The data can be leveraged to make more informed decisions on what policies to communicate or what training employees require. A central incident & policy management solution can work wonders for an organization trying to drive a culture of compliance and improve its relationship with employees through increased communication and shared visibility across both departments.

This isn’t to say that all organizations struggle to integrate HR and Compliance functions. There are many examples of Compliance and HR working together, and not just operating in silos. Not only do they share technology, but also share other vital pieces of information like anonymized exit interviews and hotline data, training statistics, employee survey findings, and turnover rates. They make each other more informed, and ultimately, make their organization healthier.

Discover how Star’s Employee Incident and Policy Management solution can bridge the gap between HR and Compliance,  and help your company build a culture of compliance