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  Introducing our NEW  

Incident & Policy Management Solution

Where Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct unite in ONE comprehensive employee compliance platform



Ethix360 Employees

Build a Culture of Compliance

Support early adoption, keep employees safe, and protect your business with ONE comprehensive
employee incident & policy management solution

Incident Management

CaseTrac™ offers the industry’s most comprehensive intake methods for reporting your company’s concerns, and collects, manages, and resolves any incidents that arise. This solution includes a powerful workflow engine and notification matrix along with a comprehensive, easy-to-use reporting and analysis platform.


Policy Management

PolicyTrac™ makes creating, maintaining, and managing your policies simple. This solution seamlessly integrates into the CaseTrac™ case management platform, offers easy mobile access for employees to review and attest to policies, and includes access to a large policy library to quickly drop in and augment your existing policies.


Anon-mobile 247

Monitor & Address Concerns Before They Escalate

Your employees, ex-employees, and customers can publicly share their opinions, and experiences. Monitoring platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Glassdoor, helps to flag potentially serious concerns and automatically routes them to CaseTrac for investigation.

Discover the Possibilities

Drive Continuous Improvement 

Boost employee morale and improve retention with employee surveys designed to securely capture your employee’s perspectives and provide your teams with the insights they need to drive progress across your organization.  

  • Easily create and conduct, online and live anonymous surveys
  • Benchmark capabilities to gain insights and perspectives
  • Protect employees and your company with the security they deserve
  • Uncover hidden trends and automatically open investigations


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It’s time to bring Conduct and Ethics together, schedule a personalized demo with us today



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