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Incident & Policy Management 

Unite Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct under one solution for a more streamlined employee experience and a healthy company culture.


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Ethix360 Employees

Drive a Culture of Compliance

Provide employees with clear, accessible policies and a safe space to report incidents while streamlining HR and compliance processes for a more comprehensive, effective employee compliance program.

Incident Management

Star's Incident Management solution offers numerous intake methods for reporting employee concerns, and streamlines the collection, management, and resolution of incidents that arise. This solution includes a powerful workflow engine and notification matrix to ensure incidents are resolved with speed and accuracy.


Policy Management

Star's Policy Management solution makes creating, maintaining, and managing your policies simple. This solution offers easy mobile access for employees to review and attest to policies, an audit trail of previous policy versions, and supports timely case resolution when paired with our Incident Management tool.



Honda Implements Star's Incident and Policy Management Solution

As a global corporation operating in 13 countries with over 16,000 employees, Honda Logistics faced difficulties in effectively and promptly communicating incident reports among employees located in various countries, speaking numerous different languages.  Download the full case study for an inside look at how IPM reduced the time taken to investigate allegations and  support a safe and healthy culture across regions. 


Give Employees More Than One Way To Report Incidents

Empowering employees to report misconduct starts with providing numerous ways to anonymously share concerns without fear of retaliation. Each employee will find confidence and comfort in a different intake format; that's why we offer the following options:

  • A live agent call center for employees who want human engagement.
  • A digital call center for those who would prefer to speak their concerns without human interaction.
  • An online form or email option for employees who prefer to write their concerns.


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Where Policy Stops and Enforcement Begins

04 Jan, 2024

The Dalai Lama's timeless advice, "Learn and obey the rules very well so you will know how to break them properly,” has been widely interpreted. While he championed civil disobedience as a means of peaceful protest, his wisdom has found applications in various realms, including both innovation-driven entrepreneurship and questionable actions by certain individuals. A famous entrepreneur once said, “Being creative in business requires you to know the rules and often break them - and the boundaries/limitations simultaneously! Watch the mavericks -- they see opportunities where others see limitations and failure.”

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Are Bots People Too?

02 Nov, 2023

Written by ChatGPT… Edited by humans

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3 Ways to Avoid EEOC Retaliation Charges

20 Oct, 2023

Each year, the EEOC releases updated charge statistics and the charges that top the list tend to reflect what the nation has collectively gone through in the last twelve months. Societal issues such as race, gender, or religious discrimination would seemingly have a substantial influence on the report but surprisingly, their impact wasn’t as noticeable.

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