Case Study

Honda Implements Star’s Incident and Policy Management Solution

Find out how Honda was able to utilize Star's IPM and call center services to enable timely natural language translations for case management in multiple languages across locations and employees.

Learn more about how Honda Logistics, a global corporation operating in 13 countries, overcame difficulties in effectively and promptly communicating incident reports across various regions and languages by utilizing the AI-driven natural language translations within Star’s Incident and Policy Management (IPM) solution and call center solutions to get on-demand, accurate translations for case reports. This supports whistleblower activities across compliance, HR, and third-party due diligence while resolving Honda’s previous location and language barriers.

Download the free case study to find out how Honda Logistics was able to use Star’s IPM solution and call center services to achieve timely resolutions of case reports across regions in multiple languages and strengthen its position for future global expansion.