Create, Maintain, and Manage your Policies with Confidence


Simple and Intuitive

With a flexible and easy-to-use approval workflow, policies can be created, edited, and communicated to specific groups in minutes. Integration with Human Resource Systems (HRIS) makes certain all employees are included in the attestation process.

  • Clearly define expectations for employee conduct
  • Mobile access for employees to easily review and attest to policies
  • Enhance the onboarding process by establishing employee groups that “own” specific sets of policies
  • Create, edit, and communicate policies & updates within minutes

Ensure unbiased investigations with consistent investigative standards

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Policy Management Made Simple

Our platform is compatible with Star’s Incident Management solution, providing a holistic approach to policy and incident management.

Ensure the right policy version is being reviewed every time and manage versioning history with ease.

Set review dates against each policy to ensure they are reviewed and refreshed at a frequency that works for your organization.

Our light-weight tool requires minimal lift to implement, which means you will be up and running in no time.

Offer your HR team concise, user-friendly in-app guidelines for consistent policy creation, irrespective of the author.

Create custom quizzes to support attestation completion and employee understanding.


Take Complexity Out of the Equation

Star’s Policy Management software design makes it simple to transfer your company policies, whether current or sunset. Once organized, it’s simple to search for policies by keywords and group them by department.

Provide employees with a hard copy of your organization’s policies with the ability to combine policies into one comprehensive Employee Handbook for easy distribution.

Gone are the days of paper-based policy and procedure management. With Star’s intuitive policy management tool, you’ll never need to sift through binders again and can easily access previous versions of policies.


Security & Data Protection

Our Policy Management software is designed to exceed SOC 2 Type II standards and is deployed in Microsoft Azure Data Centers globally. Leveraging the most advanced concepts in monitoring, intrusion detection, and data privacy, including FERPA, Star delivers security you can count on!

Incident & Policy Management

Streamline HR and compliance processes by providing employees with clear, accessible policies and a safe space to report incidents.

Provide employees with multiple methods for reporting concerns while streamlining incident collection, management, and resolution.

Create, maintain, and manage your policies in one central, easily accessible place.

Support widespread policy adoption and adherence with a robust portfolio of ethics and compliance learning content.

Encourage and collect candid feedback from departing employees to drive continuous improvement.

Support 65+ languages for ease of reporting, no matter where employees reside.

Who We Work With

Human Resources

Empowering executives, HR representatives, and compliance managers to uphold best practices and mitigate risk.

Compliance Teams

Providing a single, user-friendly system to monitor and manage employee activity and behavior.

Technology Teams

Supporting IT teams with easy implementation and seamless migration.