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Strive for continuous improvement with our Exit Interview solution


Promote a Positive Company Culture

Employee surveys are seen as a sign of a positive culture. Surveys conducted with departing employees are meant to uncover the reasons behind their departure. Exit interviews demonstrate that your organization is willing to expose itself to criticism and open to organizational improvement for the betterment of all. Collecting this feedback provides invaluable insight and the honesty needed to drive change, create proper HR practices, and drive a continuous culture of improvement.

Incident & Policy Management Solutions

Provide employees with multiple methods for reporting concerns while streamlining incident collection, management, and resolution.

Create, maintain, and manage your policies in one central, easily accessible place.

Support widespread policy adoption and adherence with a robust portfolio of ethics and compliance learning content.

Encourage and collect candid feedback from departing employees to drive continuous improvement.

Support 65+ languages for ease of reporting, no matter where employees reside.

How It Works


Star Provides an Honest Assessment

Star’s Exit Interview solution is an online, third-party anonymous tool used to deliver an honest assessment of your company’s culture:

  • Anonymous third-party exit surveys naturally allow employees to be more honest and open in their feedback
  • Gain insights into employee culture through the direct perspective of departing employees
  • Get perspective on employee morale and confidence in leadership that may contrast with the perceived culture at the executive level

Aggregate responses into meaningful reports and identify ways to increase employee satisfaction, reduce turnover, and improve retention.

Use findings to establish benchmarks and goals for your organization to drive change.

Utilize Star’s Incident Management solution to support cases, convert feedback into cases, or create new cases from exit interview content.

“By working with their curation team, Star was able to show us some very unique training that was very gamified—exactly what we were looking for! Our employees loved being an avatar in the scenarios and seeing things from differing points of view. Very cool!”
Janet K. VP of Human Resources
“We never had a firm grip on why our turnover was so high, and then we started [using Star’s Exit and Stay Interview solution to] conduct third-party exit interviews. We were able to take action based on those results and have reduced our turnover by 50%”
Will T. VP of Human Resources
“Star’s Incident Management solution was our first case management system. The Star team went out of their way to help us build an effective program while implementing the system. Their support has been critical to our program’s success and we highly recommend them.”
Hannah B. Director of Human Resources

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