Make SMCR And Training & Competency Compliance Simple

In this webinar, we’ll run you through four real-world use cases for Star’s Individual Accountability Regime (IAR) and Training & Competency (T&C) software solutions—showcasing their game-changing automation and optimization capabilities that can help you meet SMCR and T&C requirements with ease. 

We’ll consider the following cases:

  • A frontline manager looking after a team of nine Retail Investment Advisers needs a way to prioritize his supervisory activity
  • A Retail Investment Adviser must keep up with her competency testing to obtain her Annual Statement of Professional Standing
  • A central overseer—responsible for monitoring competence and accountability compliance—needs a top-down view of risk
  • A Senior Manager needs a consolidated view across the SMCR for his own indirect reporting lines across multiple Legal Entities

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