The MNPI Compliance Handbook

A comprehensive guide to MNPI and control room design and development: optimization best practices, defining scope/mandate, software/tech, and more.

Who Needs One, How To Build One, Why The Future Is Now!

This comprehensive guide and workbook takes you step-by-step through the control room design and development process. Authored by Steve Brown—a control room veteran with 25 years of capital markets experience—The MNPI Compliance Handbook will inform your thinking on:

  • Whether your MNPI processes need a refresh
  • Determining the scope and mandates needed
  • How to build MNPI Information Barriers
  • How to manage the flow and seal the gaps
  • How to optimize your MNPI processes
  • The future of MNPI

Are you building out your MNPI processes? Or trying to optimize your current one? Let The MNPI Compliance Handbook be your expert guide. Download your FREE copy now!

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