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Our Popular Guide To Global Compliance Regulation Just Got Better

One of the most downloaded e-books in the Star library, Surfing The Tsunami Of Regulation has just been revised: updated with all the latest regs that can affect compliance officers around the world. Here’s an overview of what you’ll find in this second edition

GDPR. MiFID 2. SMCR. IAC. FMCC. Rule 10B5-1. The list goes on. It sometimes seems as though there’s no end to the regulation compliance officers are expected to keep top of mind. StarCompliance is here to help. Four years ago we published our first edition of Surfing The Tsunami Of Regulation. It was a hit, quickly becoming one of our most downloaded compliance resources.  

The world of regulation, of course, didn’t stand still in those four years. New regulations arose in many countries around the world, and existing regulations were added to or substantially updated. New situations arose, as well, which regulators felt obliged to address. The coronavirus pandemic, for example, has utterly changed the way people work and consequently elicited much attention from regulators. Investment vehicles like SPACs came out of nowhere, changing the way people invest from the personnel to the professional level.  

In this second edition of Surfing The Tsunami Of Regulation, then, we give you the perfect high-level view of all the critical existing regulation affecting compliance, important updates made to that regulation, and new regulation you need to be aware of to efficiently and effectively do your job as a compliance officer and keep risk low.

You can download a FREE copy of the guide at the bottom of the page. In the meantime, here’s a snapshot of what you’ll get: 

  • GDPR: Though not in the news as much as it once was, the GDPR is still going strong and growing stronger. Per the guide, four years on “regulators … have the tools they need to enforce the GDPR and issued their largest fine of $888 million to Amazon on July 16, 2021.” 
  • CCPA: The California Consumer Privacy Act, signed into law in 2018, is California’s answer to the GDPR and has also gotten a recent strengthening. Per the second edition: “The top industries impacted by CCPA related filings were healthcare … financial services, and technology.” 
  • SEC Rule 10B5-1: This was adopted in 2000 to allow insiders to outline the dates, formulas, or conditions of trading decisions to reduce the risk of trading on MNPI. As covered in the most recent Surfing The Tsunami Of Regulation, Gary Gensler has noted “four new areas of concern” for 2021. 
  • SMCR: Notable per edition two: “The FCA has made it clear that provisions in the SMCR extend beyond the office. Between December 2020 and April 2021, four financial services workers had enforcement actions brought against them for nonfinancial misconduct outside the workplace.” 
  • FCA Business Plan 2021/2022: Update – The FCA published its new business plan in July 2021. The plan—an indicator of what can be expected from the FCA in the coming years—highlights a focus on transformation and greater accountability along with several other key FCA priorities.
  • New Individual Accountability Regimes: The revised guide covers: Singapore’s answer to the SMCR, the Monetary Authority of Singapore’s Guidelines On Individual Accountability And Conduct; the Republic of Ireland’s Fitness and Probity Regime and Administrative Sanctions Procedure; as well as updates to Australia’s Banking Executive Accountability Regime, or BEAR.

Download your FREE copy of Surfing The Tsunami Of Regulation now.