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“Board Room Ready” reports

StarCompliance announced today the release of its Graphical Reporting module to help firms aggregate information from across the StarCompliance system and present it in graphically rich, board room ready reports. The new module features drag and drop functionality making it easy for any business user to create and distribute eye catching reports.

Complimenting the hundreds of tabular reports also available, StarCompliance developed Graphical Reporting to make it easy for business users to access the vast information within the system. The reports can be scheduled for delivery to compliance and business line managers with visibility rights following for each recipient. There is a full audit trail of Graphical Reports so that compliance can see a snapshot of a report at any point in time.

“The need to distribute slick, graphical reports to recipients throughout and organization is increasing,” said Matt McGill, Vice President of Sales, StarCompliance. “We developed these reporting features to create sophisticated reports with minimal effort on the part of business users.”

Graphical Reporting is configurable to generate reports across the entire company or for different groups within an organization.

“Graphical Reporting saves compliance personnel from labor intensive, manual creation of reports in programs external to the StarCompliance application,” said McGill.