Doing More With Less: Simple Ways To Reduce Workload While Remaining Compliant

The economic environment is changing. Businesses are downsizing, cost cutting, and looking for ways to reduce overhead—yet regulatory bodies are moving full steam ahead with investigations, new regulation, and heightened expectations.   

As a compliance team that may have recently downsized, or one that will remain flat in 2024, how can you continue operating at an enterprise level while doing more with less (or more with the same)?  

Join long-time compliance executive Ryan Sheridan—Star’s newest Executive Director of Product—as he provides actionable tips for reducing workload while strengthening your compliance program.  

 Topics will include: 

  • Where and how to apply automation that will save you time 
  • The importance of data visibility groups and how to implement them 
  • Managing risks associated with contracted roles how to monitor them effectively  
  • Right-sizing your organization with metrics and management level reporting  
  • Getting the most out of your internal (and external) technology partners  

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Expert Speakers

Ryan Sheridan
Ryan Sheridan

Executive Director, Product Management

Ryan Sheridan is the Executive Director of Product Management at StarCompliance, where he plays a pivotal role in advancing and enhancing the company’s product…