Virtual Event

Product Spotlight: Individual Accountability Regime

Tuesday, September 10, 2024

10:00 AM BST

Accountability & Competency Product Spotlight webinar to solve for Individual Accountability Regimes

With Individual Accountability Regimes (IAR) increasing globally by 300% over the past five years, Star has introduced their Accountability & Competency solutions to meet the new wave of regulations head-on with software that supports accountability, training, and competency in markets around the world.

Although each regime (SMCR in the UK, IAF in Ireland, IAC in Singapore, and FAR in Australia), has established its own unique set of terms and underlying expectations, the result remains the same; to strengthen individual accountability across an organization to mitigate risk and identify red flags sooner.   

In this complimentary demo, you’ll: 

  • Attaining Global Coverage – Star provides fit-for-purpose solutions to meet regulations in the United Kingdom, Singapore, Ireland, and Australia.
  • Establishing Workflows – Implement streamlined, consistent business processes to save time, reduce friction, and ensure accuracy.
  • Boosting Transparency – Reduce risk of non-adherence with comprehensive and proactive governance and oversight across roles and responsibilities.
  • Adapting Quickly – Easily adapt to new requirements proactively and stay in step with regulatory change.
  • Improving Auditability – Systematically log and track change over time with comprehensive historical record-keeping.

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Expert Speakers

Andy Atkinson
Andy Atkinson

Director, Product Management


Andy Atkinson joined StarCompliance in 2022 and is the Head of Product Management for Star’s Accountability & Competency solutions.