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Take control of regulatory compliance

The STAR platform gives CCOs and Compliance Managers complete assurance that the most rigorous measures are being taken to identify and mitigate conflicts of interest and market abuses in your business. It gives leaders the peace of mind that the very latest technology is being deployed to ensure regulatory compliance best practices are being followed every day.

Remain compliant

The system’s comprehensive capabilities ensure that your company can apply the most robust compliance monitoring and mitigation possible, so you fulfil the requirements of all relevant regulations.

Safeguard your reputation

Managing your compliance program with the STAR platform will help protect the integrity of your organization and safeguard its reputation among clients, partners and regulators.

Monitor and manage risks

The STAR platform provides a 360-degree view of all employee trading, entertaining, business activities, political donations and more in a single, user-friendly system – enabling you to monitor and manage risk more effectively.

Improve operational and process efficiency

Automating surveillance and pre-clearance activities, decision-making and reporting saves time and resources while improving the accuracy and performance of your compliance work.

Improve communications

As a central repository of data on all compliance-related requests and activity, the STAR platform makes information accessible across your business. It facilitates improved communication through automated alerts and notifications to end-users.

A platform that grows with you

The STAR platform is fully configurable and can be adapted to the size and needs of your business. It can be scaled up as you grow, with additional products and features added to increase functionality in line with your requirements.

How can STAR help you?

Multiple Solutions

A range of products, features and services to suit your specific requirements.Learn more

Highly configurable

Functions and features can be adapted to your needs and working practices.

Easy end-user experience

A single platform that’s intuitive and easy for employees to use every day – saving time and improving efficiency.

Hassle-free implementation

Your STAR platform will be implemented and tested in a structured program to meet your deadlines, with minimal disruption to your business.

Robust reporting capabilities

Automatically generated reports provide senior management with information that’s easy to interpret and compare.

Automation of rules and alerts

Time-saving automation of everyday compliance activities, with alerts to flag potential activities for review or escalation.

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Build vs Buy Guide

If you’re an enterprise financial firm operating in the complex regulatory environment of the global economy, staying compliant is imperative. Our comprehensive guide will take you step-by-step through the build-or-buy process, and give you actionable insights for determining which direction is right for you.

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Star Compliance

Talk to the experts

If you’re looking for software with robust compliance solutions that will improve business efficiency while safeguarding the integrity and reputation of your organization, look no further. Schedule a personalized demo with a Star professional to see what the STAR platform can do for you.


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