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Our experts partner with compliance teams around the world to provide customizable, user-friendly software solutions designed to simplify every-day compliance processes while ensuring you meet the strictest regulatory standards.

Our system offers a host of benefits and reassurances for compliance leaders, compliance teams and technology specialists.

Automated conflict of interest detection and mitigation helps your compliance teams work better, faster and more effectively. The rigor of our reporting, surveillance, certification and security systems provides complete peace of mind for Chief Compliance Officers and board members.

Helping you to detect and prevent market abuses that could jeopardize your reputation and regulatory compliance. Actively manage insider lists and investigate employee trading in the context of current market activity and events.

Clear deals faster. Centralize deal data. Reduce your risk. Compliance Control Room lets you organize, manage, and monitor your firm's most important information flows from a single platform.

Whether for work or pleasure, it’s a mobile world. And a mobile workforce calls for mobile solutions. Introducing STAR Mobile. With STAR Mobile, employees pre-clear activity and report transactions on-the-go. Supervisors review escalated requests anywhere there’s a cell connection.

Create unlimited projects to easily manage and monitor dynamic lists of employees who have access to insider information.

Compliance Control Room's enterprise-level single platform centralizes all your firm's deal-related activity—letting you manage control room activities more efficiently and effectively.

Increase employee participation. Increase data accuracy. Increase responsiveness. STAR Mobile is a native app that makes compliance simple, easy, and convenient.

Automatically monitor employee state, local, and federal political contributions and reduce the risk associated with breaking pay-to-play laws. 


Political Donations Compliance Solutions

Minimize risk. Search smarter. React faster.

Streamline the pre-clearance, surveillance, and reconciliation process surrounding employee contributions to politicians and political entities.

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  • Employees submit pre-clearance requests and receive fast, automated approvals or denials.
  • Define rules for automated cross-referencing of existing data when any pre-clearance request is made—reducing the potential for conflicts to slip between the cracks.
  • Manage lists of individuals or political entities benefiting from any donations made by employees or your organization.
  • Create custom profiles for each employee, apply donation limits to specific user groups, and set review thresholds that apply to users within those groups.

You can also pre-clear with the following STAR products:
Personal Trading, Gifts & Entertainment, Outside Activity, Private Investments 



Reporting & Analytics

  • 100+ reports pre-loaded into the STAR software.
  • Useful visualizations make data easy to interpret.
  • Generate and distribute reports automatically.
  • Design and build your own, custom reports. Save hours of reconciliation work and ensure donation limits aren’t breached. Leverage a collated list of all political donations made in the US via Star’s contribution-data feed.


Political Donations Product Brief_cover


Protect your business and employees with confidence

Discover how easy it is to track political donations.

Product Brief

Automatically monitor employee state, local, and federal political contributions and reduce the risk associated with breaking pay-to-play laws. 
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Gain access to political contribution data faster 


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Centralize and simplify your data and your searches

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Save time and reduce risk through process automation


Solution Benefits

Daily alerts mean any new contributions reported to the public database get in front of you pronto, with no time spent searching site after site for contributions that put the firm at risk. 

A powerful API lets users integrate political contributions data into existing firm systems, and a built-in workflow ensures the data is easily and completely accessible for casework or audits. 

New users are never kept waiting for long. Once your firm is onboarded, you'll be up and running within days and the risk associated with employee political activity starts going down. 


Navigate easily with intuitive UI, filters, and searches. Innovative features, like memo fields that can be saved against records to evidence review means your bases are always covered. 


Data Details

With a database of over 14,000 nicknames, we capture name variations of your monitored employees and their family members to lessen the chance of risky activity going unnoticed. 

People can have more than one address. We capture them all, so you can be sure contributions aren’t going unmonitored just because the same person contributed in different states. 

Data is collected daily but how often it’s refreshed by the federal government, states, or municipalities can vary. Typically, the more populous the state the more frequently the data is published publicly. 

Data can be exported in an editable Excel/CSV format by employee groups or at the individual level so you can sort, manipulate, and review it on your own terms. 

Due to state privacy laws, users only have access to the contributions made by firm employees and their family members, not to the entire contribution database. 


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