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Manage your License and Registration workflows with confidence

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Star's License and Registration solution improves transparency
and provides a direct connection to FINRA so you can easily monitor the multistep
license and registration process from a centralized location.

The Star Difference

Centralized monitoring to track requests and approvals fast

Easy integration and auto-population with FINRA and other regulators

Visibility into the multistep license and registration process

Enterprise reporting capabilities with improved progress and time tracking


Our SaaS platform brings automation and efficiency to a new level of performance.

Clear visibility into your team's progress, and expansive reporting means reduced risk, accurate revenue projections, greater predictability, and shorter cycle times. 

Compliance is increasingly asked to do more with less, and with the automation L&R offers it can. Connect directly with regulators. Keep up-to-date on CE due dates and exam-window expirations. Stay in-the-know on employee-submissions status, and more.

The license and registration process no longer needs to be complex. Star's future-ready platform centralizes all your critical data in a single location for easy management. Run reports, automate repetitive tasks, and ensure licensing and continuing education are up-to-date across your organization.


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How Software Solutions Can Help Scale Your License & Registration Program

In this eBook, we explore the challenges firms face around the globe and how the License & Registration process can be streamlined in three steps:

  • Stay up-to-date with continuing education requirements
  • Automate workflows for efficiency
  • Monitor and report with ease


How Software Solutions can help scale you L&R Program

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