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Individual Accountability Regime

When it comes to individual accountability compliance, certainty is good business

Strengthen individual employee accountability and effectively demonstrate compliance to regulators, with complete traceability. Our solution supports SMCR, IAC, IAF, and FAR, with further accountability regimes around the world to follow. After all, certainty is good business.


Our award-winning solution simplifies operational processes, supports greater efficiency and accuracy, whilst reducing costs and risk. It enables traceability and gives you confidence that you’re meeting your regulatory requirements.

Clarity of requirements and what you need to do


Confidence you’re always up to date


Comprehensive and proactive governance and oversight


Consistent, streamlined business processes and quality checking

Risk Reduction and Assurance

  • Reduced risk of failures and fines
  • Clear evidence of your employees being fit and proper to carry out their roles
  • Key Performance Indicators tailored for fit & proper assessments
  • Complete visibility and oversight for all employees

Time and Cost Savings

  • Less disruption to your business
  • Significantly reduced reliance on SMEs and stretched resources
  • Decreased duplication of tasks and effort
  • Elimination of time-consuming, error-prone manual processes

Accuracy and Record-Keeping

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Efficiency and Transparency

  • Ownership and responsibility of cross-functional compliance
  • Full live audit and accountability trail
  • Complete process control
  • Configurable Solution

With CCL, StarCompliance offers a market-leading training content delivery and tracking solution.

CCL Academy’s courses span the full range of compliance topics and include awareness-based training for front office staff, skills-based training for Compliance & Financial Crime Compliance Teams, and focused regulatory briefings for Senior Management & the Board.

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