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Star's Incident Management

Protect your company's reputation, assets, and employees with the industry's most comprehensive Incident Management solution. Collect, manage, and resolve incidents with best practice workflows, and features designed by and for HR and compliance professionals.


Exceed Compliance Standards

The Incident Management tool offers future-ready features to help you protect your company’s assets, reputation, and employees while elevating employee retention, productivity, and visibility throughout your organization.

  • Rapid cloud-based deployment through a highly secure global data center network
  • Cross-industry experience delivers a rich, superior solution
  • Mobile-first design with a tailored approach to each district’s unique needs
  • Unmatched functionality
  • Easy to use and consistent across all platforms
  • Insightful dashboards, trending analysis, and benchmarking

Major US Airline Implements Whistleblowing and Incident Management Solution

With no access to a true 3rd party, anonymous whistleblowing platform, employees of this domestic carrier were unable to raise concerns without fear of repercussion. Find out how they reimagined their whistleblowing protocols and case management processes to better protect their employees. 

IPM Case Study

User-Friendly Compliance Software

A comprehensive, easy-to-use reporting and analysis platform enables your company to learn, grow, and elevate its overall performance.

  • Reporting dashboard displays for desktop and mobile devices
  • Seamless, anonymous communication channels
  • Powerful workflow engine and notification matrix
  • Integration with existing human resources information systems (HRIS)
IMP Reporting

Reporting & Analysis

With the click of a button, our compliance case management software can generate a wide range of standard and ad hoc reports for each application area, including human resources, asset protection, safety, and more. Reports may be formatted as lists, summaries, and analyses of your data, which can be displayed, printed, or exported for further analysis.

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Global Deployment & Support

Translation Services

Star’s support services, including hotlines, have translation capabilities in 60+ languages so your employees can feel comfortable and valued when reporting a concern.

Worldwide Compliance

With clients in six continents and 80+ countries, we know a thing or two about ensuring your company stays in compliance with local laws and regulations.

#1 Support Team

Our support staff is here to serve you, answering questions and troubleshooting issues, 24/7, 365 days a year.

“We deployed Star’s Incident Management solution globally to over 60,000 employees in nearly 40 countries. The implementation was efficient, even porting multiple international toll-free numbers without missing a minute of service to our employees. We find the in-app translation services to be amazingly accurate and invaluable!”

Haruki T.
Chief Compliance Officer

“Being a company in the EU with locations around the world, we were pleased at how Star’s Incident Management solution complied with the emerging global security standards including GDPR. The system was implemented with minimal distraction to our very busy global compliance team.”

Gabriel B.
Global Chief Risk Officer

“Star’s Incident Management solution was our first case management system. The Star team went out of their way to help us build an effective program while implementing the system. Their support has been critical to our program’s success and we highly recommend them.”

Hannah B.
Director of Human Resources

The Star Difference

shieldStar Security

Our Incident Management tool is designed to exceed NIST standards, leveraging the most advanced concepts in monitoring, intrusion detection, and data privacy, including FERPA. 


Artificial Intelligence

From our agentless call center options to in-app natural language translations, our compliance case management software offers the industry’s most advanced deployment of AI.



Deployed in 120+ countries across six continents, Incident Management is offered in nearly 70 languages, making it fast and reliable for multinational organizations.


Ease of Use

A clean, intuitive design lets even a novice user master the Incident Management tool in a short amount of time, guided by client-specific help text and a natural workflow.



Embedded in Microsoft Azure Data Centers, the STAR Platform provides unmatched reliability and global deployment supports in-country data storage requirements.



Gain perspective through industry-specific benchmarking and data filter options, while focusing on hot spots and measuring the result of remediations to negative trends.


Manage Your Policies With Confidence

Our Policy Management solution drives critical information into the hands of case managers, providing them with specific controls and standards to ensure case resolution.



Schedule a personalized demo with a Star professional to see what the STAR platform can do for you.



The Delay of Ireland’s Senior Executive Accountability Regime (SEAR) for NEDs and INEDs: What Compliance Professionals Need To Know

28 Nov, 2023

After the Central Bank of Ireland’s Individual Accountability Framework (IAF) was signed into law in March 2023, a three-month consultation process took place to provide clarity and guidance to role-holders on responsibilities and accountability. The outcome highlighted industry concerns over the number and people in scope for its prescribed responsibilities, particularly for both non-executive directors (NEDs) and independent non-executive directors (INEDs) within the Senior Executive Accountability Regime (SEAR). As a result, the Central Bank deferred the application of SEAR for both NEDs and INEDs by 12 months until 1 July 2025. The regulator cited that this delay will give both the Central Bank and regulated firms time to learn more about its implications, and the impact the new individual accountability framework will have on executives – for example, the issues with the overlap of other laws and the reconciliation over certain decision-making responsibilities.

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Renowned for its modern infrastructure and dazzling architecture, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is an international trade and transport hub that has undergone rapid development and economic growth since its federation just over 50 years ago.

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