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It’s time to rethink compliance platform training and rollout. With Tool Tips & Walkthroughs, the STAR Platform is your compliance software training partner. Compliance teams and end users get instant support right inside the STAR Platform.

Employee Walkthrough

Optimize Onboarding

Whether your firm is bringing on one new person or one thousand new persons, Tool Tips & Walkthroughs will get your new joiners quickly up to speed. They’ll be expertly guided through their first system interaction, and then provided with module-level guidance to help ensure a smooth first experience—as they complete personal trade requests, report gift and entertainment spends, and more.

Reduce Tech Related Questions

New people and infrequent users can mean lots of tech questions for compliance. Our in-app tips have been strategically placed throughout the STAR Platform—deftly anticipating user questions, putting answers in the places they’re needed most, and ultimately freeing up compliance for higher-value work.

Increase Adoption & Participation

Tool Tips & Walkthroughs encourage employee adoption by helping them feel comfortable and confident in fulfilling their compliance responsibilities. This means a better end-user experience, which means a more compliant employee population and, in the end, less overall firm risk.


Make Rollout Easy

Rolling out new software, no matter how simple it is to use, is never without its challenges. Tool Tips & Walkthroughs make it easy to get people up and running on STAR, reducing the time compliance needs to spend training employees. So your rollout—big or small—is sure to be a smooth and successful one.

Complete Tasks Faster

As a compliance officer, Tool Tips & Walkthroughs mean you get answers to your own questions faster, so you can complete your own tasks in record time. With in-app tips and concise insights available with the click of the mouse, you won’t have to go looking anywhere else for further clarification.

Maximize STAR Usage

With only so many hours in a day, setting aside time to learn new features and take full advantage of a software tool can seem impossible. Walkthroughs make it easy to master new, complex, or advanced areas of the STAR Platform and help you maximize its capabilities, including document configuration, document management, document requests, scheduled document alerts, and rule results reviews.


Think of these in-app tips as an addition to the support options Star already offers.

Includes exhaustive initial software training to get you up and running quickly.

Post implementation
Easily accessible software guides and how-to resources available in our client portal. Follow-up training available upon request.

Monthly Webinars Series
Addresses best practices and ways to optimize your use of STAR.

Tool Tips & Walkthroughs
Simply makes STAR users even more self-sufficient than they already are.


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