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Our experts partner with compliance teams around the world to provide customisable, user-friendly software solutions designed to simplify every-day compliance processes while ensuring you meet the strictest regulatory standards.

Our system offers a host of benefits and reassurances for compliance leaders, compliance teams and technology specialists.

Automated conflict of interest detection and mitigation helps your compliance teams work better, faster and more effectively. The rigor of our reporting, surveillance, certification and security systems provides complete peace of mind for Chief Compliance Officers and board members.

Helping you to detect and prevent market abuses that could jeopardise your reputation and regulatory compliance. Actively manage insider lists and investigate employee trading in the context of current market activity and events.

Compliance Control Room's enterprise-level single platform centralizes all your firm's deal-related activity—letting you manage control room activities more efficiently and effectively.

Whether for work or pleasure, it’s a mobile world. And a mobile workforce calls for mobile solutions. Introducing STAR Mobile. With STAR Mobile, employees pre-clear activity and report transactions on-the-go. Supervisors review escalated requests anywhere there’s a cell connection.

Ensure employees’ personal investments comply with all regulatory requirements and company policies.

Automatically pre-clear client gifts or entertainment to prevent breaches of anti-bribery regulations.

Avoid regulatory compliance breaches arising from employees’ external business activities.

Save time and resources in safeguarding your business from political conflicts of interest among employees worldwide.

Helping you to actively manage employee trading in the context of market activity and events to guard against insider trading.

Create unlimited projects to easily manage and monitor dynamic lists of employees who have access to insider information.

Compliance Control Room's enterprise-level single platform centralizes all your firm's deal-related activity—letting you manage control room activities more efficiently and effectively.

Compliance Control Room's enterprise-level single platform centralizes all your firm's deal-related activity—letting you manage control room activities more efficiently and effectively.

Increase employee participation. Increase data accuracy. Increase responsiveness. STAR Mobile is a native app that makes compliance simple, easy, and convenient.


Compliance software and technology to enhance your compliance operations

The STAR compliance application is supported by unrivalled technology in our hosting facilities, servers and in the software itself. We develop our application entirely in-house, with no third-party components or features, ensuring the highest standards of data privacy and safety.

With our extensive automation and configuration facilities, as well as our advanced implementation and security options, your compliance processes will be safer, more rigorous and more efficient than ever before. Our team of expert developers, analysts and specialists work tirelessly to constantly evolve our product to meet the diverse needs of clients and the ever-changing regulatory environment.

The core STAR platform offers:

Single sign-on

Users sign in to the platform using existing credentials and a single ID and password, providing fast, easy access to all products within your STAR application.

Human resource system integration

Seamless integration with your HR systems saves time populating and updating the STAR platform. Using data from your master HR records allows employee details to be easily added and removed, whilst pushing data from your master records enables individual account information to be completed automatically.

Enterprise user management

Your STAR platform can manage the varying requirements of multiple business divisions, each with differing workflows, processes and certification requirements – simplifying complex compliance requirements through a single, user-friendly system.

Multi-factor authentication

Implement an additional level of security across your STAR user base with multi-factor authentication. This security measure offers numerous configuration options and works alongside SSO & the STAR Mobile app.

Internationalisation and localisation

The versatile STAR platform has been designed to operate in different countries, with no need for redevelopment every time you add a new territory or language. The system can easily be tailored for each country, with date, time zone and local currency adaptations, alongside language translation capabilities.

Rules engine

A configurable rules engine enables automated approvals, denials and case creation based on your organisation’s unique code of ethics.

Techstack integration

The STAR system is flexible and works seamlessly with other platforms, offering full integration with many different enterprise systems.

Configuration to suit the way you work

STAR is characterised by its configurability, making it the most personalised compliance service on the market. Your STAR application can be entirely configured to your requirements through extensive, easy-to-use options and management tools.

Even the most common features of our STAR platform, such as transaction submissions, are powered by our advanced rules engine, meaning that automatic approval and denial features can be configured to your specific requirements. Forms, attestations, declarations, user accounts, visibilities, permissions, roles, personas – everything can be configured to meet your needs.


Choose your preferred hosting option

There are two options for hosting the database for your STAR application:

  • Self-hosting
  • Managed hosting – in the UK or US

Whilst you are welcome to host the STAR application data at your own site, there are many benefits to managed hosting at our state-of-the-art, Tier-3 data centres. These include exceptional levels of security to protect your data and the most robust back-up systems to ensure your data is always ready for you to access at any time. Learn more here.

Talk to the experts

If you’re looking for software with robust compliance solutions that will improve business efficiency whilst safeguarding the integrity and reputation of your organisation, look no further. Schedule a personalised demo with a Star professional to see what the STAR platform can do for you.