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Navigate complex ethics and compliance issues with call centers

For industries like factories and transportation where employees might not have computer access, or for companies that want to provide a web form alternative, Star offers two call center options: live agent call centers and a Digital Call Center employing IVR (Interactive Voice Response).   

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Live Agent Call Centers

Call centers have remained largely unchanged for fifty years yet continue to play a crucial role in bolstering ethics and compliance initiatives. Why? Because they are effective! Operating as a secure haven separate from HR departments and coworkers, call centers allow employees to interact with a human presence. This added layer of anonymity often provides individuals with the confidence to share details about situations they might otherwise be hesitant to disclose. 

Strategically positioned in Canada, the United States, and the UAE, call center agents are equipped with Star’s Incident Management solution. This ensures a smooth submission process, treating all cases with the same level of consistency and urgency as if submitted directly through the online form by the employee. 

To better serve global organizations and enable employees to express concerns in their preferred language, Star's call centers offer translators and interpreters. These language services facilitate accurate information capture, ensuring effective communication regardless of linguistic differences.  


Digital Call Centers

While traditional call centers have their place, increased globalization and changing dynamics in global privacy requirements are accelerating the need for another option that is cost-effective, user-friendly, and compliant with best-in-class security standards. Traditional call centers tend to experience annual turnover rates of 30%–45%, and if an inexperienced agent mishandles a report, it could cost their employer millions of dollars in regulatory fines. For a global organization, the case for automating your compliance processes—including your call centers—has never been stronger. 

Major US Airline Implements Whistleblowing and Incident Management Solution

With no access to a true 3rd party, anonymous whistleblowing platform, employees of this domestic carrier were unable to raise concerns without fear of repercussion. Find out how they reimagined their whistleblowing protocols and case management processes to better protect their employees. 

IPM Case Study

Digital Call Centers Do it Better

Star’s Digital Call Center is designed to provide a completely anonymous experience users feel comfortable leveraging to air their concerns, in their natural language: 

  • Supports an unbiased and consistent process for every call 
  • Eliminates all hold time, decreasing abandonment rates 
  • Provides 24x7x365 availability; no vacations or sick days 
  • Incurs a fraction of the cost of a traditional call center approach 
  • Available in nearly 40 Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing Data Centers worldwide 



Globalize Your Compliance Call Center

magnifying-glass-1High Accuracy

Streamline your call center processes and avoid miscommunication or misinterpretation. 


Support over 65 Languages

Callers can report their concerns in their preferred language. Digital Call Center reports are instantly translated with natural language processing. 


Case Management

Leverage Star’s Incident Management solution to convert calls into cases and maintain consistency from investigation through resolution. 


Worldwide Communication

Serve global callers while preserving their anonymity and maintaining best-in-class security standards.


No Delays

Say goodbye to high abandonment rates and long wait times with our Digital Call Center. 


Fast Onboarding

Our Digital Call Center requires minimal lift to set up, which means you can be up and running in days, not months. 

“As a global manufacturer in over 30 countries, having a phone solution was important for us. Our prior vendor offered a call center, but there were a lot of delays in getting translations completed and it was frustrating to wait for translators to get on calls, causing a high abandonment rate. We switched to Star’s solution and the Digital Call Center has not let us down! The accuracy is great and there are no unnecessary delays in getting reports processed.”

Tom A.
Global Manager, Internal Audit

“Before we migrated to Star from our previous vendor, we thoroughly tested the AI in their translations and were very impressed. The accuracy was amazing and we now use Digital Call Centers in over a dozen countries, from Asia to Latin America to Europe.”

Patrick K.
Senior Manager, Global Compliance

“We deployed Star's Incident Management solution globally to over 60,000 employees in nearly 40 countries. The implementation was efficient, even porting multiple international toll-free numbers without missing a minute of service to our employees. We find the in-app translation services to be amazingly accurate and invaluable!”

Haruki T.
Chief Compliance Officer


Exceed Compliance Standards

Empower your employees to report misconduct securely and anonymously without fear of retaliation. A comprehensive Incident Management solution will help protect your company's reputation, assets, and employees while ensuring the collection, management, and resolution of incidents are handled with speed and efficiency. 



Schedule a personalized demo with a Star professional to see what the STAR platform can do for you.



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