Everything You Need To Know About Employees & Political Donations 

As July 4th approaches, so does the intensifying presidential campaign season. It's impossible to escape the flood of fundraising efforts on every device you own. Campaign fundraising in America has reached a fever pitch.

The Challenges of an Election Year: Monitoring Political Contributions in 2024

Navigating the intricacies of political contributions in the 2024 election cycle poses a challenge for compliance teams trying to mitigate risks.

A Patchwork of Regulations: Navigating the Complexities of Political Contributions

As the US election year heats up, addressing political contributions has come to the forefront of many compliance teams’ minds.

Political Contributions, Gifts and Entertainment: How to Take a Proactive Stance Against Bribery and Corruption

When it comes to the monitoring of employee conflicts relating to gifts and entertainment (G&E), and political contributions, it can be challenging for compliance…

The Compliance ‘Whistle-Stop’ Tour

In a world where adherence to regulatory standards must be the gold standard, we need a candidate that will not only prompt us to…

Political Contributions – Emails, Texting, and Phone Calls…Oh My!

US presidential campaigning is alive and well, coming to you on any and all devices you own.

The SEC Cracks Down On Political Contributions Violations

On September 15, the SEC announced it had settled enforcement proceedings against four investment advisers for violating the “Pay-to-Play Rule.

Pay To Play, The Midterm Elections, And Monitoring Employee Contributions

The pay-to-play rule changed the rules of the political contributions game.

Employee Political Donations: How To Monitor For This Risky Activity

The US midterm elections are shaping up to be the busiest and most contentious yet.