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StarCompliance is dedicated to providing the highest standards of personalized service and support. From initial planning and implementation, through configuration, migration, deployment, education, and ongoing support – we are at your service.

The Star Difference

Trusted Reputation
Trusted Reputation
Over 20 years of experience. Trusted by an international blue-chip client base
Software roadmaps are driven heavily by client feedback and needs, with four releases per year.
Flexible, configurable, and intuitive to support the unique needs of your organization.
Client Support
Client Support
A 99% client-retention rate supported by a dedicated team of compliance experts available 24/5.

Providing you with a smooth implementation and migration experience is our top priority.

We leverage a robust project management tool that gives you complete access and transparency into the lifecycle of your project. With a 99% implementation success-rate, Star provides you the real-time insight into the progress of your implementation, so you can remain confident and stress-free as we work diligently to meet your go-live date.

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Trusted By

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Empowering Users with Education

Get the most out of your compliance platform with easy access to user manuals, instructional videos, quick guides and more.


Client Support on Your Schedule 

 In addition to STAR University, we have client support teams based in the US and the UK to provide you with the ongoing support you need wherever you are. Our 24/5 support services include:

  • Document configuration
  • Help with creating and distributing reports and documents
  • Post-implementation configuration changes
  • Creating new rules and workflows as your needs change
  • Annual and quarterly certification assistance


Increase adoption and reduce tech related questions 

With only so many hours in a day, setting time aside to learn a new software can seem impossible. Star's In-App Tools, Tricks & Tips helps your team get up to speed fast with the instant access they need to master new, complex, or even the most advanced areas of your STAR Platform. 

Tips & Tricks

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See what Star's future-ready platform offers you

Reduce risk, gain efficiencies, and drive employee adoption with a scalable platform that is easy to use for both end users and administrators alike.
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Schedule a personalized demo with a Star professional to see what the STAR platform can do for you

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How Can Compliance Teams Manage Their Representatives’ License and Registration Process More Effectively?

28 Mar, 2023

The process of registering for and obtaining a financial securities license can be a complex and time-consuming nightmare. In the US, individuals selling investments professionally are required to obtain a securities license from FINRA. This is a multi-step process where securities professionals must pass qualifying exams, in which there are different levels, to demonstrate their competence before they are allowed to engage in certain securities activities. If firms fail to stay ahead, not only is it costly for them to pay for the reopening of exam windows or late filings, but also the loss of time from being unable to capitalize on the activities of their registered representatives.

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Casting Further Light on Shadow Trading

15 Mar, 2023

When a biopharmaceutical industry executive reportedly learned in 2016 that a rival planned to buy the company he worked for, he is alleged to have bought options in another competitor’s stock prior to the news of the acquisition going public. This led to him being accused by the SEC in 2021 of insider trading. But while the SEC prosecutes approximately 50 insider trading cases a year, this was not the typical misappropriation of information or tipper/tippee liability but an instance of what has since been dubbed ‘shadow trading’.

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The Uneven Progress in Closing the Gap for Women in STEM

08 Mar, 2023

International Women’s Day is a time to reflect on the advances that women have made in society and culture and to recognise the challenges we still need to overcome. 

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