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Star's Employee Compliance Training Solution 

Increase adoption rates and get employees up to speed fast with the largest portfolio of learning content for ethics and compliance in the industry.


A Training Resource For Right Now

Requirements for employee ethics and compliance training are constantly growing—and so are the penalties for noncompliance. As regional regulatory bodies develop their own requirements, generic employee compliance training is no longer enough.

Star’s Employee Training solution combines your proprietary content with the largest portfolio of learning content for ethics and compliance offered by any single vendor.

Why compliance training is critical to your success:

  • Requirements and penalties are increasing for employee training on key ethics and compliance areas
  • Regional and state requirements are unique - generic training no longer works
  • Remote employees? Training helps everyone stay grounded, aligned, and compliant


Train Smarter with Star

Our high-quality content and easy, drop-in customizations enable your teams to exceed mandated training requirements in areas of specific concern—without straining your budget. That’s the Star commitment to quality.

icons8-flexible-60Compatible and Flexible

Get "plug-and-play" flexibility with our compatible SCORM-compliant content from a variety of major publishers, giving you broader choices in both subject matter and format. 


Innovative Formats

Choose from unique course formats such as customizable green screens and virtual reality. Leverage artificial intelligence to improve your employees’ engagement in the program.


Bundled Content

It's ok if your preferred content comes from multiple publishers, Star’s online Employee Compliance Training Library has the largest portfolio of learning content all in one place.


Public Domain Content

Our team evaluates certain public domain content, much of which is high quality and covers specialized subject matter. If it fits what you’re looking for, we’ll get it for you at no cost.


Guided Selection Process

We have a team of highly credentialed professionals who personally curate the courseware and will help you create a content library that best fits your unique goals.


Unique to Your Needs

A large library of training can be overwhelming. That’s why we have a comprehensive onboarding program to ensure we provide you with the courses you need, without the ones you don’t.

The 7 Deadly Sins of an Employee Compliance Program

Whether you are working to build an employee compliance program from the ground up or improving an old one,  avoiding these 7 deadly sins, which are the most common challenges Compliance and HR teams face, will support your efforts to protect the safety of your employees and your company’s reputation.



“We had resisted implementing a policy management system for years because our policies were not well organized, and frankly, scattered would be an understatement! Star's Policy Management Solution and their implementation team made getting them organized and into the system a snap! We were able to do annual policy attestations less than 90 days after signing the contract!”

Davis B. 
Chief People Officer

“Working with the Star curation team and explaining my needs as well as the types of training our team would enjoy was fantastic. They listened to my needs AND my wants and were able to make unbiased recommendations.”

Alyssa M. 
HR Training Manager

“By working with their curation team, Star was able to show us some very unique training that was very gamified—exactly what we were looking for! Our employees loved being an avatar in the scenarios and seeing things from differing points of view. Very cool!”

Janet K.
VP of Human Resources


Manage Your Policies With Confidence

Our Policy Management solution drives critical information into the hands of case managers, providing them with specific controls and standards to ensure case resolution.



Schedule a personalized demo with a Star professional to see what the STAR platform can do for you.



The Delay of Ireland’s Senior Executive Accountability Regime (SEAR) for NEDs and INEDs: What Compliance Professionals Need To Know

28 Nov, 2023

After the Central Bank of Ireland’s Individual Accountability Framework (IAF) was signed into law in March 2023, a three-month consultation process took place to provide clarity and guidance to role-holders on responsibilities and accountability. The outcome highlighted industry concerns over the number and people in scope for its prescribed responsibilities, particularly for both non-executive directors (NEDs) and independent non-executive directors (INEDs) within the Senior Executive Accountability Regime (SEAR). As a result, the Central Bank deferred the application of SEAR for both NEDs and INEDs by 12 months until 1 July 2025. The regulator cited that this delay will give both the Central Bank and regulated firms time to learn more about its implications, and the impact the new individual accountability framework will have on executives – for example, the issues with the overlap of other laws and the reconciliation over certain decision-making responsibilities.

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Renowned for its modern infrastructure and dazzling architecture, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is an international trade and transport hub that has undergone rapid development and economic growth since its federation just over 50 years ago.

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