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IAF in Ireland

Be certain you’re going to be able to comply with the Central Bank of Ireland’s (CBI) guidance on the Individual Accountability Framework (IAF). Star’s dedicated IAR solution is designed to help Regulated Financial Service Providers (RFSPs) establish and maintain a framework that will answer Ireland’s newest regulation, and have the flexibility to adapt as changes occur.


Establish and maintain a Senior Executives Accountability Regime

  • Manage Maps & SORs across the organization.
  • Complete versioning control of Maps and key documentation.
  • Provide an easy way for Senior Executives to document Reasonable Steps.
  • Fully auditable.
Individual Accountability- Certification Regime

Fitness & Probity workflows for Senior Executives and Controlled Functions

  • Identify Senior Executives and Controlled Functions and assign activities to personal development and supervision.
  • Perform annual and ad-hoc fitness and probity assessments using both long and short forms with sign-off and automated escalation built-in. 
  • Automatically produce and store Certificates that comply with records and renewal tracking rules. 
  • Use robust, transparent dashboard reporting to gain insights into individual and firm-wide results.
Individual Accountability-Conduct Rules

Manage Common Conduct Standards Attestation

  • Implement annual declaration workflows and store declarations for good record-keeping.
  • Record and manage breaches and regulatory reporting.
  • Improve the accuracy and efficiency of regulatory reporting.
  • Record role-specific training. 
Individual Accountability-FCA Directory

Buying Regulatory Compliance Technology with Certainty:

A SMCR Buyer’s Guide for Compliance Managers

There’s no doubt that compliance technology can support SMCR compliance. But with so many regtech options available, what specifically should you be looking for in an SMCR solution?



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