The Compliance Sprint: Leveraging Technology for Competitive Advantage

Discover the top 4 compliance trends that your team should leverage to strengthen business competitiveness in the year to come.

Top 4 Emerging Compliance Trends to Watch for

In this Executive Brief, StarCompliance CEO Jennifer Sun shares 4 key trends that Compliance Teams around the globe can leverage to strengthen business competitiveness and generate new opportunities in a low-growth economic environment:  

  • Emerging Crypto Regulations:  ensuring a frictionless trading experience for employees while keeping compliance in-the-know
  • Harnessing the Headwinds:  why continuing to invest in a robust compliance culture makes sense
  • Learning From Financial Services: what lessons can publicly-traded companies learn from their compliance counterparts in finance?
  • Shining a Light on Shadow Trading:  the challenges and how to monitor this new compliance risk