UAE Employee Compliance Survey Report

Star's UAE Employee Compliance survey delves into pivotal concerns of compliance professionals surrounding the adoption of compliance software solutions within organisations.

How Automation Can Safeguard Your Company’s Growth and Brand Reputation

Having observed a substantial investment of $1.7 billion in technology within the UAE in the last year, and with this trend predicted to increase, it’s imperative that organisations are at the forefront of technological progress, especially when it comes to data privacy and security.

StarCompliance embarked on a strategic market research study focused on senior compliance professionals across the UAE, delving into pivotal concerns surrounding the adoption of compliance software solutions within organisations.

The resulting survey brought to light the most significant compliance challenges confronting enterprises in the region, shed light on the current integration of AI tools within compliance monitoring frameworks, addressed critical issues concerning conflicts of interest, and provided insights into the criteria governing the selection of compliance technology solutions.

Some key findings include:

  • 73% of respondents stated that the compliance area of greatest concern is personal account dealing
  • 67% of respondents identified ‘training & competency’ as the area of compliance that they’re most interested in
  • 40% of respondents stated that they struggle to build compliance infrastructure to comply with new regulations.

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