Frost & Sullivan Article On How Defining Regulatory Frameworks Can Fuel The Growth Of Digital Assets 

In this article, Frost & Sullivan take a look at how defining regulatory frameworks can fuel the growth of digital assets.

Frost & Sullivan, takes a global look at today’s digital asset regulations, the guardrails needed to protect market participants, and the gap between disruptive technologies and top-down regulatory frameworks.

The article, Why Defining the Regulatory Framework Today Can Fuel the Growth of Cryptocurrency in 2023 and Beyond was the result of a recent Virtual Think Tank where global compliance and technology leaders dove deep into the technology-regulation lag, the cases of major crypto firms facing charges from regulators this year, and the financial and reputational dangers to companies who are not paying close attention to the market’s evolution.

The article outlines five strategies to consider:

  • How to adopt a risk-based approach
  • The importance of maintaining multi-stakeholder dialogues
  • Leveraging AI to support employee monitoring
  • Investing in next-gen compliance technology
  • Hiring strong talent

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