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Our compliance application is supported by state-of-the-art technology, both regarding our servers, hosting facilities and the software itself.

With our extensive automation and customization facilities, as well as our advanced implementation and security options, your compliance process will be safer and more efficient than ever before.


STAR is characterized by its endless customization options and its configurability. A common concern regarding universal software solutions is that they often limit how much the program can be tailored to your specific needs, but this is simply not the case with STAR. We are proud to provide the most personal compliance service on the market, a service that can be entirely configured to your requirements through detailed, easy-to-use options systems and extensive management facilities. We provide all the benefits of a single solution, but none of the disadvantages.

Endless options

Nothing in STAR is without options. Even the most common features of a compliance solution, such as Transactions submissions, are powered by our advanced rules engine, meaning that automatic approval and denial features are customizable to your specific requirements. The Home Page of both the employee and compliance workspaces can have panels added to them to quickly display the most relevant data for each employee. Forms, attestations, declarations, user accounts, visibilities, permissions, roles, personas—everything can be customized, so there are far too many options to list them all here. We thoroughly encourage you to get in touch to request a demonstration of our services.


Star Compliance prizes the security of our clients above all else. STAR has been built from the ground upwards with a focus on security across every module, feature and instance of the application. 

  • Password Protection and advanced administration controls, including password length controls, expiry settings, password requirement conditions, recovery options and captcha inclusion.
  • Single-Sign-On capabilities.
  • Extensive user visibility controls.
  • Individually assignable and configurable roles and personas for multi-tiered permission controls for each employee and employee group.
  • Dynamic groups facilitate shifting parameters, including and excluding employees automatically based on factors such as location or line of business.
  • Advanced proxy controls allow for proxy submissions to be managed safely while still easily utilized.
  • Thorough permission controls allow for restrictions to be placed on Compliance Officer submissions.
  • File Import decryption and encryption prevents unwanted access to import data.


There are two options for hosting the database for your instance of the STAR application.

  • Client Hosting
  • Managed Hosting

While all our clients are welcome to host our application data themselves, there are a myriad benefits to managed hosting at our state-of-the-art, Tier-3 data center.

Data Center Security
  • High capacity redundant generators guarantee power even during metro-wide blackouts.
  • Short-notice diesel generator refueling contracts with multiple vendors.
  • Multiple uninterrupted power supply systems and N+1 redundancy.
  • Multiple redundant HVAC units powered by normal and emergency electrical systems, including cold-water tanks that keep air conditioning units running when changing from direct power to generator power.
  • Fire suppression including early smoke detection, heat detection and dry-pipe sprinkler systems.
  • Seismic engineering protects the data center from earthquake damage.
  • On-site security guards.
  • Unmarked buildings outfitted with false entrances, vehicle blockades, bulletproof glass/walls and cameras with digital recorders and pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ).
  • Biometric systems, including palm scanners.
  • Portals that authenticate only one person at a time.
Book a demo

Our sales team are happy to demonstrate what STAR can do for you, and will detail bespoke specifications for your unique implementation requirements.