Compliance systems

Your new compliance journey starts here


When you engage StarCompliance, you receive a dedicated implementation team comprised of a Project Manager, Business Analyst, Relationship Manager and a Customer Service Professional. This team will work to oversee the project and the implementation of your solution.

Working in conference with your business representatives, compliance managers and IT staff, our team will configure the STAR system so that it fits seamlessly with any existing programs you may have in place, as well as design a specific configuration to best suit your needs.

The Requirements Document

Your assigned implementation team will create specialized documentation that goes through all of the items you need to consider as part of creating your unique solution. Drawing upon the decades of combined implementation experience amongst our team, we can make suggestions based on regulatory compliance best practices as well as take feedback and direction from your compliance team.

Implementation and Training

Once implementation is complete, the next step will be to train your team. Training sessions will be part of every implementation and more can be booked on an as-needed basis. Our customized, on-site training includes, among other things:

  • User creation and management
  • Rules and work flow configuration and review
  • Document creation and distribution
  • Reporting
  • Data file and broker feed processing
  • Architecture and technical work flow overview
  • Client and technical support FAQs and problem resolution