Compliance solutions

Reporting Module

STAR provides the ability to report on your data and findings through a vast number of intuitive graphics and charts, as well as export data across the application into excel spreadsheets. Clients can use the Chart Designer to build a library of reports, and can use our Data Export functions to promptly embed graphics into detailed reports.

Chart Designer

Offering the choice of many highly configurable, interactive chart types, the Chart Designer features data filtration and custom configuration, allowing for the graphical presentation of every piece of data held within the database.

Report Builder

STAR can embed content from the library into graphically rich and easy-to-understand reports, detailing compliance activity, performance, time-efficiency and more. These reports can be easily shared and include data drilldown features on charts and graphics, providing maximum clarity.


STAR can automate report schedules for frequent updates and distribution. Schedule compliance reports to refresh on a daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. These reports are available for distribution through email attachments and links to the library, allowing you to control the flow of your data reports.