Compliance solutions

Insider Trading

Insider trading is one of the most significant risks for any financial services firm—it can result in regulators literally closing down firms. StarCompliance provides a solution that empowers the compliance department to actively manage both employee and firm trades, contextualizing them in market activity to instill confidence that our clients’ companies are free from illegal activity.

By automatically gathering and sorting the contextual information surrounding employee trades, StarCompliance’s Insider Trading module assists in catching items that may otherwise slip through the cracks. Interactive, detailed charts are available to assist in visually pinpointing where insider trading may be an issue, showing every relevant trade as well as market closing times and high impact news items. Findings can be immediately raised for further analysis or future reference using our Case Management system.


We use a newsfeed from diverse, respected publishing sources, including established publishing houses and influential social media voices. After using our powerful filtering and indexing system, we provide customized-for-relevance newsfeeds which prioritize high-impact articles. These can be compared against trading data from our partner company, Interactive Data Corporation, providing the full market context of every trade.

Follow Up Investigation

By providing hotlink URLs for every news item, and by providing the ability to raise cases for further investigation, STAR facilitates the ability to demonstrate due diligence for regulatory authorities and audit records. STAR protects your firm from both insider trading and the regulatory consequences.