Compliance solutions

Gifts and Entertainment Module

Gift and entertainment management is crucial to maintaining good employee relations, but also provides severe conflict of interest risks if not properly mitigated. StarCompliance’s Gifts and Entertainment module allows employees to pre-clear and report gifts and entertainment involving other employees or companies, ensuring that conflicts of interest standards are identified and managed properly. By fully digitizing the receipt and declaration process, STAR totally eliminates the need to maintain manual paper records.

Automated Review

With STAR, gifts and entertainment form work flows can be automated and fully configured. Alter the content of your forms effortlessly, ensuring processing efficiency and preventing violations of both external regulations and internal policies. Rules can be further configured to automatically limit gifts and entertainments in many different ways, including by specific companies.

Gift Surveillance for High-Risk Employees

STAR can pinpoint high-risk employees, external contacts and groups by using background monitoring to identify suspicious activities and to automatically raise cases that may violate your company's specific Codes of Ethics.

Internal System Integration

Since 1999, StarCompliance has been linking our solutions to internal HR systems and contact management systems, and boast the experience of having performed this process for some of the largest and most complex financial services firms in the world.