Compliance solutions

Attestations and Certifications

The distribution and collection of compliance documents are immensely important to maintaining clarity in your program. With STAR, you can design and publish an easily editable suite of documents for employees, as well as create document requests to ensure employees submit important attestations and certifications on time. Advanced email alert configurations further assist in keeping your employee certifications up to date.

Flexible Document Designer

Our in-application document designer is flexible, intuitive and expansive, allowing you to fulfill any and every document requirement. Publish document configurations while controlling the layout, formatting and content of your text, accommodating both read-only documents and those required for submission. Document requests are easily accessible and are filled out by employees to collate essential information, attestations and certifications, such as Initial Holdings Reports or Transaction Reports.

Alerts and Efficient Requests

With STAR you are able to configure email alerts to send out at various points in the workflow of each document, be it at regular intervals in the build-up to submission deadlines or after completing certain actions. Easily create and alter requests to facilitate the easy management of necessary certifications.