The Product Owner is ultimately accountable for the success or failure of the product, liaising with Stakeholders and collaborating with the Development Team to ensure that they build the “right things”. They are responsible for prioritising the Backlog.

  • Delivering a return on investment through managing the value in the product combined with the management of the following:
    • Delivery and release dates
    • Budget and money spent
    • Scope of delivery
    • Management and business reporting of metrics
  • Working regularly with different stakeholder constituencies on a daily basis and reflecting needs and required capabilities within the Product Backlog
  • Meeting with users on a regular basis to review and replenish the Product Backlog
  • Planning Sprint Goals and helping to steer the Development Team throughout the Sprint to achieve the Sprint goal by being available to clarify questions and solve business or user problems for the Team
  • Working with the Development Team to refine the Product Backlog for future Sprints; outside of Product Backlog refinement time the Product Owner will also be focused on future Sprints to ensure the team is able to deliver high value every sprint
  • Working with the Development Team to schedule items based on technical dependency
  • Producing any business metrics (ie TTM per feature, estimated cost per feature) that are required by senior management or other organisational stakeholders, and would work with the Scrum Master and Development team to produce any estimates when required. Update stakeholders as required
  • Working proactively with other areas of the business to align the Product Backlog and priority with others
  • Updating User Experience information and User Story descriptions to fit changing user needs and business model
  • Detailing acceptance criteria for Product Backlog items based on user insights
  • Working with the team to create design sketches and wireframes for development
  • Working with the team to map out customer constituencies and User Personas
  • User journey mapping
  • Working with Stakeholders and the team to produce a Product Roadmap which needs to be continuously inspected and adapted
  • Managing portfolio/pipeline
  • Considering future releases and product impacts in the wider organisation 

Mandatory Skills, Knowledge or Experience
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Accountability and responsibility
  • Commercial ‘savvy’ – knowing when to prioritise features with regard to commercial vs technical requirements
  • Ability to protect team from distractions
  • Capable of efficiently gathering information and making many real-time decisions in order to allow the Development Team to maintain its velocity and predictability. Not prone to procrastination
  • Collaborative – working closely with SMEs
  • Creative
  • Good listener
  • Ability and confidence to challenge the current business processes and expectations in order to build the “right” product
  • Excellent written and verbal skills to document project requirements and track milestones
  • Excellent attention to detail and process driven methodologies
  • Sound business knowledge - experience defining, implementing or supporting software in financial services industry preferred
  • Previous experience working with colleagues in a different time zone preferred.
  • Knowledge of code of ethics regulations and compliance risks ideal but not essential
  • Previous experience in a data/analytics role is advantageous
  • Minimum 5 years in a similar role in software or information services
  • Bachelor’s degree in business administration, computer science or a related degree

Integrity and Ethics 
All StarCompliance employees are expected to commit to a high standard of personal integrity and carry out their responsibilities in an ethical manner.